The most eventful thursday I’ve ever had

As I sit up awakes beside the two sleeping loves of my lives I have no idea where to begin. Yesterday was the most special and romantic day of my entire life and I cannot begin to believe how lucky I am and how much love is in my life.

It all started sometime around Christmas although I didn’t know it. Jump to Valentine’s Day where I propose to Syx on a hill after making him chase all these cute little cards with silly little love notes in them, the last one asked him to marry me and looking at me after he read it all I could squeek out were the words ‘Fer reals!’

Yesterday morning as I was about the to check the mail I got a text from Syx asking me if I could check the mail for him. How serendipitous I thought! When I opened the mail box, along with Hanna’s first mail (her birth certificates!) was a little card much like the ones I had proposed to Syx with. It wasa dinner invitation to meet him at The Narrow (our favorite little hole in the wall bar/eatery that our friend owns– ALSO where Hanna lost her bellybutton!) What a sweetheart.

I went about my day. Had a great time on Granville Island with Alanna. We spent the day shopping and had amazing fish and chips. She had to work at 6 and I had dinner plans for 5, so our afternoon came to an end and she drove us home.

As I walked into the house I smelled my favorite incense like it had been burned a couple hours ago (I haven’t been able to burn incense since Panda was born). There was also another card on the stairs ‘Whatever will you wear?’ after walking UP the stairs I find laid out on the bed a pair of panties from a local designer and a tee shirt I’ve been eyeing for weeks. Another card ‘Thought you’d look hot in these! See you at 5!’ Seriously, what a sweetheart.

That isn’t even the good part.

I got Panda ready, changed into my new apparel and headed down the alley. When I got to the Narrow there was a card on the door. I opened it and it said ‘Fer Reals?!’ My brain stopped processing and I had no idea what to expect when I walked through the door. I was met by Syx, candlelight and an empty bar. He had a song by City and Color playing that I’ve been known to hysterically cry to, exclaiming ‘This is the most romantic song in the world!’ As I stand there absolutely FLABBERGASTED, he hands me another envelope. Inside is a button that says ‘My heart belongs to you’ and attached to it… is a ring.

Michael ‘Syx’ Langemann got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife, and then – I noticed his hands. Across his knuckles he had tattooed the words ‘FER REALS’. So I never forget what me and Hanna mean to him. Every time I look at him, I can never ever forget.

When I proposed to him in February he was already having the ring made. Everyone including our parents knew. Alanna who took me out of the house yesterday knew. Our neighbors knew. I can’t believe he kept a secret this good for 6 months.

I have never known happiness on this level. I never thought I would find love in my best friend. I never thought I would find someone that truly embodies the word ‘Partner’. He gets me like no one else ever has. Living life, raising a family, growing old -all with him by my side makes me feel like I can do anything. Because he believes in me, I believe in myself.

I love you Michael Syx.

Now the ring– my phone camera does NOT do it justice so I’ll get Syx to post photos later but it’s a pink sapphire custom cut into a heart, placed between 6 diamonds. There’s a window on the top and bottom of the main stone. Both windows are shaped like hearts so there’s 3. One for him, me and Hanna. And can I just say — this is effing bling. He and our friend Dustin ( who is a goldsmith took 6 months to design and make it. It is absolutely amazing.

Syx just woke up and Panda is on the move so I must go tend to my family. We’ll let you know the date as soon as we decide.

So full of love today and everyday for my beautiful family.

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