Food I’ve been making and other notables.

Please excuse me while I talk for a minute (or two) about food. It must be documented that I’ve been putting SERIOUSLY kick ass meals on the table for my family.

The other day I made this amazing sausage bake with italian pork sausages that I splurged on from Pasture to Plate. I need to come up with some sort of recipe card situation for my favorite recipes because I’ve had some seriously good luck with some delicious new EASY PEASY CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP gluten free recipes lately. Another of the latest and GREATEST:

NO GRAIN PANCAKES aka heaven in my mouth

1 egg
2 ripe bananas
1 heaping tbsp almond butter

THAT’S IT. Liz upstairs puts vanilla and a scoop of coconut flour in hers, my friend Jody adds cinnamon. Myself made them this morning subbing peanut butter, adding vanilla and a scoop of almond meal but they are good just using the original. Make em smaller than regular pancakes, they’re a bit tricky to flip but not when you make them small. They are INCREDIBLY light and taste like banana bread. FIVE STARS across the board.

I also made this cauliflower fried ‘rice’ which is amazing. I didn’t have any of the fresh herbs or fish sauce that this recipe called for and I subbed gluten free soy sauce for coconut aminos because I’m not on a paleo diet. AND DOUBLED THE BACON BECAUSE BACON IS DELICIOUS. You can barely tell this isn’t a real fried rice dish and I think it has enough protein in it that you could serve it as a meal by itself but I made it last night for a potluck and it served as an amazing side dish.

Also worth mentioning is this delicious GLUTEN FREE crumble. I halved this recipe at my friend Jody’s suggestion because it makes plenty. I dumped it over some raspberries and cut up strawberries and baked for 45 minutes and it was DELICIOUS- like seriously amazing get-in-my-belly delicious. Like never make regular crumble with oats again delicious.

ONE MORE— I made this Chicken and Sweet Potato Stew for dinner tonight. It was easy, DELICIOUS and with a few modifications, gluten free. I was seriously amazed by this because at 4 hours in, it still looked like a pile of veggies with chicken thighs on top, but by 5 hours I took the chicken out, and off the bone and threw it back into a lovely steamy thick broth full of chunky mushrooms. The texture was amazing from the mushy sweet potatoes and made the base thick and sweet. The chicken was cooked to perfection and the mushrooms were chewy and juicy. ANOTHER winner!

I’ve been trying to be super thrifty with groceries because it was really upsetting to see so many things getting thrown out. I’ve been making more of an effort to meal plan, and base my meals around ingredients that are on sale. So far it’s been working. I never ever bothered with looking at flyers before but it’s really proved to be a great way to save money. Sometimes we go to two different grocery stores to get a better deal on bacon but SERIOUSLY WHY PAY $3 more for bacon?! It’s been working out really well.

I wish I had pictures of some of these amazing meals we’ve been eating but they seriously got gobbled up too fast to even think about it, plus my plating skills suck and the lighting in my kitchen is bad. I know some of you must be wondering how I manage to put a hot meal on the table with two little people in the way. Well, wonder no more, I give you:

Exhibit A

Yes, it’s exactly what it looks like – Hanna is distracted by torturing – I mean, playing with the cat.

Exhibit B

Floor baby.

On St Patrick’s Day we had planned to go downtown to the St. Patrick’s Day parade but then gave our heads a shake and were like WTF are we nuts? So I wore a green tee shirt and Liz and I busted our ass in the yard and planted our seed starters. We still have a couple of long days in the yard to put in but it seems we’ve found ourselves a new hobby. It’s only slightly hilarious since neither of us have any gardening experience and we’re just pretending to know what to do, although at least we’re reassuring eachother along the way AS IF WE REALLY DO KNOW WHAT WE’RE DOING. We both had hoped the kids would be more interested in this process but their attention span seemed especially short yesterday, they ‘helped’ us for about 15 minutes before they ran off and found something more interesting. By the way- for Hanna, interesting meant finding the stash of marshmellows from the s’mores we made last week.

Anyway, I’ll be excited to see how much we yield. We spent about $70 in seeds so hopefully we make it back in veggies. I think that’s a pretty realistic goal, right? And I’m hoping that next year we’ll be old pros at this and be able to plant a few more things. How amazing is it going to be to be able eat from our backyard! I am particularly excited about the pumpkins and the herb patch.


AND AND AND I have been looking for a half barrel to build a fairy garden for the kids in the backyard and my searches have ended up fruitless. UNTIL YESTERDAY WHEN LIZ CAME UP THE SIDEWALK PUSHING A WHEELBARROW WITH THIS:

LIZ IS THE BEST! Only cost a cool $15.

Armenie is doing this new thing where she sticks out her tongue and curls it up to touch the tip of her nose. It’s hilarious. Her coos and goos are growing so much more expressive and Hanna is the only one who’s made her laugh. She’ll bleat out the beginning of a laugh for anything else that she finds funny but hasn’t full out giggled yet for anyone but Hanna yet. In my round of cleaning yesterday I managed to find some of Hanna’s old more babyish toys and was able to lay A down on her tummy to explore them. EXPLORE THEM? Are you kidding me? She’s growing way way way too fast and I am completely marvelling in her sunshiney baby rays every single day. She is the most pleasant, sweet, adoring creature.

A ray of frickin sunshine, right?

Hanna is attitude. She both amazes me and enfuriates me, often at the same time. I see so much of myself in her that it’s scary and every time I think of her being a teenager I want to apologize profusely to my parents.
She makes this face sometimes and looks 16.

Her vocab is growing by the second. I am constantly surprised by the sentences she puts together and the conversations we have. I try my best to pick thoughtful topics and sometimes I’m met with the quirkiest anecdotes. I keep a notebook filled with LOLHannas and notable sayings. Among my most recent favorites:

“Mom, my poo is brown and my pee is yellow, right?”

“I am fluffy like a pink cat.” (on the subject of her pink jacket)

“Mom, did you notice all the flowers that are coming out of the ground?” (I SHIT YOU NOT, she said this complete sentence as quoted)

She was right, the flowers are coming out of the ground in full force as Spring seems to finally be showing us what she’s got. Syx said he saw cherry blossoms downtown yesterday. I think we might have to take a walk tomorrow to find some!

We’ve been enjoying a lot of sunshine in our own front yard. We couldn’t keep the kids inside if we tried.

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